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What We Offer

At Good Samaritan Catholic Primary School, Fairy Meadow, we aim to create an educational environment of love, faith, respect, trust, co-operation and harmony for each individual.

We strive to achieve educational excellence in offering each student the opportunity to develop their individual abilities each day. In our educational programs, we are committed to developing every facet of the child – spiritual, physical, intellectual, social, emotional, aesthetic and a sense of citizenship.

We believe that the child will thrive when parents and teachers hold the same beliefs and values regarding the education of the child and value highly the growth in faith of each child.

We recognise that each child has an individual rate of growth and development, achieving mastery levels in each of the curriculum areas at different rates and in different stages. We insist that attitude and effort are as important as achievement.

We model, clarify and expect appropriate behaviour at all times which values the rights of a person to feel safe, be respected and enjoy life. We foster in the students a love of learning and the skills to become independent lifelong learners.

Embracing education within the Catholic tradition

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Good Samaritan is a proud Catholic school of the Wollongong Diocese. We uphold the Gospel values in every facet of school life. Good Samaritan embeds the charism of St Benedict in a faith community that values making a difference in the lives of all those we meet. This reflects the message of the Good Samaritan who, many thousands of years ago, travelled along the road to Jericho.

A quality K-6 curriculum

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As a learning community, we strive to meet the individual needs of our students academically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. Good Samaritan offers a learning program that has an emphasis on developing individual competence within a challenging curriculum. These standards are maintained through a commitment to ongoing professional learning of our staff and the delivery of syllabus outcomes which are the key reference points for decisions about student learning, progress and achievement. We place an emphasis on literacy, numeracy and Religious Education and also offer opportunities where the students are able to develop their creative abilities.

An inclusive, contemporary environment that fosters creative and critical thinking

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Our school is deeply committed to contemporary learning and ensures all students have access to an extensive range of resources that foster creativity, critical thinking and innovation. 

Our school understands the importance of technology in the role of the education of our students. We see this as one tool of a number within the key approaches that support students in the learning process. Our aim is to develop innovative and engaging teaching strategies to facilitate authentic creative and critical learning for our students. This is achieved through a variety of age-appropriate learning tools.

Amaroo learning support centre and autism-specific classes

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The Aboriginal meaning of 'Amaroo' is ‘beautiful place’ and it is also Good Samaritan’s alternative education setting for students who require intensive specialised interventions in an Autism Support Class or Intellectual Support Class.

The specialist setting is viewed as an intervention for each student for a particular point in time in their learning. The goal  for each student who accesses Amaroo is to return to the regular general setting of the school. This is determined by individual needs, and in consultation with parents and carers.

Positive relationships with parents and carers

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At Good Samaritan, we value the positive relationships that we have with our parent community. We know that children only succeed when the school and parents hold the same beliefs, values and aims for the students. We work in partnership with the parents and carers of our students and strive to create a classroom and school environment where all children are valued for their uniqueness, are treated with dignity and are challenged to be the best Good Samaritan girl or boy they can be. 

Good Samaritan is committed to upholding the CEDoW Parent Partnership Principles so an ongoing positive relationship relationship is always maintained.

Out of School Hours (OOSH) care

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Our school offers quality on-site before and after school care services, operated by CatholicCare.

Their dedicated team of education professionals are university trained early childhood teachers or TAFE trained Diploma educators who support and respect the uniqueness and individuality of children and their families.

A proactive approach to student learning and behaviour

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Good Samaritan is committed to a positive approach to behaviour in order to enhance learning. This approach using the 'Positive Behaviour 4 Learning (PB4L) Framework' focuses on improving student behaviour in order to maximise learning. Good Samaritan’s behaviour management is linked to pastoral care and fosters self-responsibility and positive behaviour.

The benefits of PB4L include improved support for all students at all levels of achievement; a decrease in reactive behaviour management; improved classroom and school climate; maximised academic achievement and overall well-being; an integrated academic, behavioural and pastoral care approach to supporting students at school.

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