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About Us

Principal's Message
At Good Samaritan, we aim to create an educational environment of love, faith, respect, trust, co-operation and harmony for each individual.

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Good Samaritan
School Vision and Mission
Our Story
School Song and Prayer

Take a Virtual Tour of our School!

Welcome to our school! Take our virtual tour to see some of our the classrooms, library, outdoor learning areas, school hall and play areas at Good Samaritan.

(You can also book a school tour to visit us, meet our teachers and students, and see the facilities in person!)
Our Catholic Identity and Parish
Our school is part of St John Vianney’s Parish community. There are many aspects of parish life in which students, staff and families may become involved...
Caring for the Environment
At Good Samaritan, we take an active role in being stewards of the environment. Students participate in a range of initiatives that empower them to care for creation.

Our Staff

Meet our wonderful, dedicated team of teachers and support staff at Good Samaritan.

Toni Sillis
Cath Hailstone
Natalie Shelley
Elizabeth Palermo
Patricia Foster
Sarah O’Donnell
Leonie Vazey
Louise Corby
Louise Testa
Deborah Hutton
Jamie Smede
Tania McRobert
Jenny Black
Tracey Sutton
Ashley Rae
Donna Malady
Ornella Apolloni
Jason Novak
Sergio Ambrosi
Michael Gore
Damian Collins
Tim Condon
Christie Gray
Grace McKay
Nadia Huska
Tessa Robertson
Kerrie Hennessy
Carla Olima
Clarese McCabe
Margie Blewett
Jane Stackhouse
Shirley Jancetic
Kerrie Cavdarovski
Jenny Copas
Toni Duggan
Janice Le
Anna Mangos
Cecilia Medina
Lisa Myerscough
Josephine Pereira
Melissa Martin
Marianne Raymond
Emma Blunden
Alison Needham
Tara Arts
Michelle Robertson
Tri Vu
Miguel Aguilera

To apply for any staff positions being advertised at Good Samaritan, visit the CEDoW Positions Vacant page.